Revue de patrologie,
d’hagiographie critique
et d’histoire ecclésiastique

Scrinium. Revue de patrologie, d’hagiographie critique et d’histoire ecclésiastique, established in 2005, is an international multilingual scholarly periodical devoted to patristics, critical hagiography and Church history. Its scope is the ancient and medieval Christian Church worldwide, but especially Eastern / Oriental Christianity and Christian Origins. Published annually, in both printed and electronic forms, from 400 to 550 pages per volume. Each volume is focused on a specific subject (covering non less than 60% of the whole volume) formulated in the individual title of each volume. Two supplement series (established in 2008) contain monographs and edited volumes on the medieval Christianity (series «Scripta ecclesiastica») and Christian Origins, Second Temple and non-Rabbinical Judaism, including the afterlife of the Second Temple Jewish traditions in Christianity (series «Orientalia Judaica Christiana»).

Four published volumes were dedicated to Ethiopian Christianity and Ethiopian linguistics (tome 1), hagiography of Christian East and West (tome 2), Jewish Second Temple and early Christian mysticism (tome 3), Byzantine and Oriental (especially Ethiopian and Syrian) patrology (tome 4, containing a partial publication of the papers of the 3rd Conference of the Asian Pacific Early Christian Studies Society). The next volume (tome 5) will be dedicated mostly to the liturgical and paraliturgical matters in Christian Orient.

Comité éditorial

Basile Lourié (rédacteur en chef), St. Pétersbourg
Denis Nosnitsin (secrétaire), Hamburg
Denis Kashtanov, Moscou
Savva Mikheev, Moscou
Andrei Orlov, Milwaukee, WI
Tatiana Senina, St. Pétersbourg
Dan Y. Shapira, Jérusalem
Stephen Shoemaker, Eugene, OR

Conseil éditorial

Sebastian Brock (Président), Oxford
Pauline Allen, Virginia (Australia)
Alessandro Bausi, Naples
Gilbert Dagron, Paris
Gianfrancesco Fiaccadori, Milan
Stephen Gerö, Tübingen
Robert Godding, Bruxelles (Société des Bollandistes)
Alexander Golitzin, Milwaukee, WI
Getatchew Haile, Avon, MN
Hubert Kaufhold, Munich (Oriens Christianus)
Robert Kraft, Philadelphia
Vladimir A. Livshits, St Pétersbourg
Igor P. Medvedev, St Pétersbourg
Bernard Meunier, Lyon (Institut des SC)
Bernard Outtier, Paris
Madeleine Petit, Paris
John C. Reeves, Charlotte, NC
Gerrit J. Reinink, Groningen
Antonio Rigo, Vénice
James Russel, Harvard
Samir Kh. Samir, Beirout
Michael Stone, Jérusalem
James VanderKam, Notre Dame


Tatiana Senina, St. Pétersbourg
Elena Bormotova, Montréal
Vitaly Permiakov, Notre Dame



T. Senina («Scrinium»), p. o. b. 110, St. Petersburg, 194352, Russia

Scrinium. Т. 4: Patrologia Pacifica. Selected papers presented to the Western Pacific Rim Patristics Society 3rd Annual Conference (Nagoya, Japan, September 29 — October 1, 2006) and other patristic studies / Edited by V. Baranov and B. Lourié (2008). — Санкт-Петербург: Axiōma, 2008. — xvi + 480 с.