Revue de patrologie,
d’hagiographie critique
et d’histoire ecclésiastique

Scrinium. Т. 3: The Theophaneia School: Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism / Ed. by B. Lourié and A. Orlov. Санкт-Петербург: Византинороссика; Москва: МЦФ — Международный центр фантастики, 2007. — XL + 504 с. (Scrinium, 3)
ISSN 1817-7530 (Print)
ISSN 1817-7565 (Online)


В. М. Лурье, Theophaneia School: Экфрасис Небесного Храма (ix)

B. Lourié, The Theophaneia School: An Ekphrasis of the Heavenly Temple (xiii)

Hieromonk Alexander (Golitzin), Theophaneia: Forum on the Jewish Roots of Orthodox Spirituality (xvii)

Hieromonk Alexander (Golitzin), Christian Mysticism Over Two Millenia (xxi)

List of Abbreviations (xxxiv)

Location of the Original Publications (xxxix)

Part One: Christian Texts

Bogdan G. Bucur, The Angelomorphic Spirit in Early Christianity: Revelation, the Shepherd of Hermas, Clement of Alexandria (3)

Dragoş-Andrei Giulea, Seeking to See Him at the Festival of Pascha: Glory-Soteriology in Early Christian Paschal Materials and Rabbinic Literature (30)

Hieromonk Alexander (Golitzin), «The Demons Suggest an Illusion of God’s Glory in a Form»: Controversy over the Divine Body and Vision of Glory in Some Late Fourth, Early Fifth Century Monastic Literature (49)

Hieromonk Alexander (Golitzin), Dionysius Areopagites in the Works of Saint Gregory Palamas: On the Question of a «Christological Corrective» and Related Matters (83)

Hieromonk Alexander (Golitzin), The Body of Christ: Saint Symeon the New Theologian on Spiritual Life and the Hierarchical Church (106)

Hieromonk Alexander (Golitzin), Dionysius Areopagites: A Christian Mysticism? (128)

Hieromonk Alexander (Golitzin), The Image and Glory of God in Jacob of Serug’s Homily, «On That Chariot That Ezekiel the Prophet Saw» (180)

Andrei Orlov, Alexander Golitzin, «Many Lamps are Lightened from the One»: Paradigms of the Transformational Vision in the Macarian Homilies (213)

Part Two: Jewish Texts

Andrei A. Orlov, «Without Measure and Without Analogy»: The Tradition of the Divine Body in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (233)

Silviu N. Bunta, Too Vast to Fit in the World: Moses, Adam, and Myhl) Mlc in the Testament of Moses 11:8 (258)

Andrei A. Orlov, Celestial Choirmaster: The Liturgical Role of Enoch-Metatron in 2 Enoch and the Merkabah Tradition (279)

Andrei A. Orlov, The Face as the Heavenly Counterpart of the Visionary in the Slavonic Ladder of Jacob (303)

Andrei A. Orlov, Ex 33 on God’s Face: A Lesson from the Enochic Tradition (323)

Andrei A. Orlov, On The Polemical Nature of 2 (Slavonic) Enoch: A Reply to C. Böttrich (337)

Silviu N. Bunta, The Mēsu-Tree and the Animal Inside: Theomorphism and Theriomorphism in Daniel 4 (364)

Andrei A. Orlov, Resurrection of Adam’s Body: The Redeeming Role of Enoch-Metatron in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (385)

Andrei A. Orlov, The Origin of the Name «Metatron» and the Text of 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (390)

Andrei A. Orlov, Titles of Enoch-Metatron in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (397)

Andrei A. Orlov, Overshadowed by Enoch’s Greatness: «Two Tablets» Traditions from the Book of Giants to Palaea Historica (412)

Andrei A. Orlov, Secrets of Creation in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (432)

Andrei A. Orlov, The Heirs of the Enochic Lore: «Men of Faith» in 2 Enoch 35:2 and Sefer Hekhalot 48D:10 (451)

Andrei A. Orlov, Noah’s Younger Brother Revisited: Anti-Noachic Polemics and the Date of 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (464)

Andrei A. Orlov, The Flooded Arboretums: The Garden Traditions in the Slavonic Version of 3 Baruch and the Book of Giants (481)